While You Were Making A Note To Finally Start Watching Mad Men



  • Heather Mills has donated 1 million dollars (of Paul McCartney’s money’s) worth of vegan food to the Bronx. Said the Bronx: “Go f*ck yourself, you gold-digging hippie granola bar.”
  • DJ AM and Travis Barker were critically injured in a tragic plane crash over the weekend, with both performers sustaining major burns. But the saddest part is what the tabloid media is inevitably planning to pay for the first picture of those burns.
  • MTV is premiering a new show one week from tonight called Sex…with Mom and Dad, in which teenagers will be forced to sit and endure the torture of talking about sex with their parents and Dr. Drew. The show will be followed directly by Teenager Suicide Hotline…with Dr. Drew.
  • After blowhard-ing about how all hackers should be sent to prison in the wake of the leaked Sarah Palin e-mails, Bill O’Reilly’s website was hacked.
  • Pamela Anderson appears to be the dating the giant Michael Jackson robot from Moonwalker.
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