Kim K. Obsessed With Her Size 27 Waist


Dancing With The Stars contestant (finally – a real credit!) Kim Kardashian got so enraged by comments on her blog that insisted she could not possibly be a size 27 waist that she made a video disproving the trolls’ theory. This all went down after she revealed not just her waist size, but that she is a size 2/4 dress, 117 pounds, with the measurements 34, 26, 39. Why Kim feels like she needs to prove herself- and her body – to a bunch of nerds with a wireless connection we do not know, but we’re happy anytime she reveals too much info about herself. Kim was so furious that people still did not believe her body size that she made a video in which she tries on three pairs of size 27 jeans.

Watch it here.

Nothing could be more boring and yet thrilling all at once. And in the end, all we learned is that Kim really can fit into those skinny jeans – and she cares way too much about what people think. [Photo: GettyImages]

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