Kelly Osbourne Doesn’t Buy That Beckham And Lopez Are Buds


You know who has a lot of opinions about Victoria Beckham? Kelly Osbourne! Ozzy’s daughter was at the Marc Jacobs show where Posh revealed her new “pixie” do, and—judging from her interview with Heat magazine—spent a lot more time watching the Spice Girl (and alleged friend Jennifer Lopez) than what was on the runway.

I think she’s too skinny to have hair that short. To get away with that, you need to have something soft about your face. She looks too immaculate.

…I know it’s not my place to say, and I hope I’m wrong, but I’ve seen two people pretend to like each other more in my life. They were holding hands, but it looked like Victoria was holding a dirty bit of toilet paper. They were sat right next to each other but you could have sat a whole other person between them.

Do you believe the pair are pals? Check out the gallery and decide if Kelly knows what she’s talking about. [via AHN]

[Osbourne Photo: Wire Image]

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