ICYMI: Never, Ever Piss Off David Letterman


If you guys didn’t catch The Late Show With David Letterman last night, you missed one of the most epic episodes of Letterman’s long-running late night TV career. John McCain just so happened to be scheduled to appear on the show prior to his abrupt decision to call “Game Off” on his whole presidential campaign after the poll numbers started looking like he was completely doomed. But in order for McCain’s claim that he’s “suspending his campaign” in the interest of rushing to Washington to fix the imploding economy (because what would Washington do without the economic expertise of John McCain!?!) to seem credible, he of course couldn’t be appearing on late night comedy shows. So he canceled on Dave at the last minute, which Dave really didn’t seem to appreciate. Especially since McCain couldn’t even feel confident enough in his running mate Sarah Palin to send her in his place. And especially when Dave discovered a live feed of McCain getting his make-up done before going on the air with Katie Couric, on Dave’s very own TV network. What ensued was one of the most unmerciful TV beatings of a lifetime that I’ve ever seen. Best part of the whole thing: Paul Shaffer.

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