Nation Pleads With David Blaine To Do Actual Magic


David Blaine completed his 60 hours of hanging upside down last night, except that he basically cheated the whole time and pissed fans off. Not only did he take multiple breaks during his stunt, but the “death dive” at the end was just him jumping a few feet while attached to a harness. He was then lifted into some dark area of Central Park and probably swarmed by his medical team and personal assistants. Blaine spoke today and is apparently not happy with his latest “trick” (not his girlfriend, the stunt). It’d be nice if maybe he’d return to the days where he actually did magic, and not just flaunt his ability to stay in one place awkwardly for an extended period of time. Most of America does that for 8 hours a day, at their desk at work. That’s not magic, it’s life – and it’s f*cking boring. [Video via DListed]

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