AD WIZARDS: Have You Found “Serenity By Jan”?


serenityjan.JPGHoly ess, I had no idea that the entire line of Serenity By Jan scented candles – as seen on The Office (and some little girl’s wake) – is on the web and available for purchase. Browse aromatic and illuminating wonders such as “Merlot Morning”, “Bottled Water” and of course “Hunter Green”, which are described as having a “youthful, firm scent” that “will leave your mouth watering”. Sounds…intoxicating (and I simply love that stock photo). But don’t take mine and Jan’s word for it! Check out some of the testimonials: “Love ‘em. One smell of Merlot Morning and I’m back at my Frat pad getting tipsy on boxed wine. Awesome!” says Andy B. And according to Meredith P., “Men hate making love with the lights on so I light up one of Jan’s candles to make them feel more comfortable, and so I can see if they’re being responsible ;)”. And the Serenity For Jan love doesn’t stop there, because these candles are already wafting their way into pop culture. Take these lyrics from The Hunted’s upcoming single “Light My Wick”: “…Sweet Serenity who’s / Intoxicating brews / My aroma muse / Rid my olfactory blues!”

Everyone is simply crazy for these candles! Act now and order yours today.

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