ED NOTE: It’s My Last Week Ever!


alexgoodbye1.jpgThis morning I bring you the bittersweet news that this will be my last week here at BWE.tv. I’ve taken a job with BermanBraun, a production company in Los Angeles, where I will be overseeing the editorial content for a new pop culture site on MSN. Translation: after almost three years of throwing rocks at the rich and famous from my hovel here at Vh1, I’ve finally gotten old enough to realize that I can’t beat them, so I might as well move to LA myself and try to get in on some of that sweet Hollywood action. A man can only watch Perez Hilton stuff his pink glittery pockets with bajillions of dollars for so long before he gets to thinking, you know? But fear not, for even without the soulless shell of a human being where the BWE.tv Managing Editor used to be, this pop culture juggernaut will sail right along mightily under the capable and talented stewardship of Michelle, Dan and Sara – all of whom I’ve been lucky to work with and will probably be better off without me. I’m also gonna miss you guys when I’m gone, but I’ve still got a few days left, so chin up! Let’s make my last week the Best Week Ever (I know we say that every week, but for serious, I mean it this time).

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