Coldplay’s Chris Martin Thinks He’s Fat


With her insane working out schedule and macrobiotic diet, Gwyneth Paltrow looks fierce and totally deserves it. Clearly, hanging around with a wife who could crack nuts between those rock-hard thighs has rubbed off a bit negatively on Coldplay singer Chris Martin. The poor little lamb reckons he’s looking porky at the moment, despite boasting a physique that could be called skinny, at best.

“There’s a little bit of fat on me and I realized today, during the encore, I could see the big screen and it adds love handles!” Chris told British radio station Absolute about his current tour. “This is a tip for anyone who’s playing an arena; don’t let yourself see the screens while you’re playing”.

Awww, diddums. Couldn’t you get Gwynnie to knock you up a delicious lentil and quinoa snack while burning off that extra poundage? — Becky Howard

[Response Source; Photo: Getty Images]

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