How To Get Pink To Do You


She’s a single gal now — gentlemen, please form an orderly queue. Singer Pink has revealed that all you need to do to seduce her is hang out at a gas station and perhaps step in some dog crap on the way over. The smells that send the peroxide singer totally batshit horny are idiosyncratic, to say the least.

“Diesel fuel and canine,” she dribbled on the Paul O’Grady show in the UK, while sniffing the exhaust of a tractor. (True!) “It’s so good. And diesel is cheaper than regular.”

In these cash-strapped credit crunch times, it’s good to know that even millionaire pop stars will think about their beau’s budgets. Thanks, Pink!

Of course, anyone planning a Pink party will have to get used to the presence of her ex husband Cary Hart, who’s still very much a part of her life even though she bashed him in her latest single, “So What.”

“We are really friends, and really yummy, and confuse the hell out of everybody.” Ain’t ex-love grand? [Photo: Getty Images]

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