Kelly Osbourne Nearly Out-Jamie Lynned Jamie Lynn


Rock progeny Kelly Osbourne made headlines in her rebellion-fuelled teen years, but she was very nearly stuck in the Osbourne mansion with just a sick-covered top and dirty diapers for company. The TV presenter, now based in the UK, has revealed she had a pregnancy scare at the so-not-even-close-to-barely-legal age of 13. 13!!

“I convinced myself I was pregnant when I was 13 and I hadn’t even got my period,” said Kelly. “There are so many rumours and also so much wrong information being passed around, so it is a really important message the World Contraception Day is trying to give out.”

Guess what? She’s supporting World Contraception Day! Actually, it’s nice to see a former pointless fame junkie make good. And if she should ever feel like getting (deliberately) pregnant, please do, Kel! Ozzy and Sharon as grandparents? We like! — Becky Howard

[The Sun; Photo: Getty Images]

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