• GOOD GORDEED: Hey, Heidi and Spencer ate some crappy Taco Bell for charity publicity charicity! (ONTD)
  • LAUGH MEDICINE: Some kind soul at SNL put up the precise vintage parody ad that our crumbling economy needed right now. It’s even got Alec Baldwin! (Videogum)
  • HOT TUB: I don’t really know what this post or video is about, but the first 30 seconds of steak and eggs with William Shatner is undoubtedly worth the price of admission. (StreetCarnage)
  • EDUTAINMENT: Yay, a new Drunk History – this time with William Henry Harrison! (Buzzfeed)
  • NO JOKE: Just a good old fashioned radio interview with comedy genius Louis CK over at The Sound of Young America. (Maximum Fun)
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