Was 2006 The Apex Of The Viral Video? Nope.


Our friends over at Videogum, being the Internet video experts they are, have posited the question: Was 2006 the Golden Age Of Viral Videos? They’ve amassed a compelling body of evidence to make their case, pointing out that some of the very best and most memorable examples of viral video were indeed created and posted to the Internet in 2006. But as solid as their theory may be, I will now blow it out of the water entirely, because I’m a d*ck. You see, 31 days after the conclusion of 2006, on the last day of January in the following year, the following video appeared on YouTube, thereby rendering all that came before it worthless by comparison. Ladies and gentlemen, the TRUE high point of the Viral Video phenomenon:

(Okay, I just had to post this one more time before I left.)

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