Attorney: It Was Reporter’s ‘Civic Duty’ To Call In Tip On Heather Locklear


The attorney representing Jill Ishkanian, the reporter who called 911 to report Heather Locklear‘s erratic driving, said that although Jill profited from the photos she took, the phone call to authorities was motivated by “civic duty.” Ishkanian sold the images of Heather Locklear’s DUI arrest to TMZ for $27,000, her attorney Nicholas Tepper revealed.

Tepper defended Ishkanian’s right to photograph the incident. “The fact she witnessed Ms. Locklear’s erratic driving and reported it to the police did not mean she was disqualified from reporting the story, which she in fact did,” he said.

Heather was busted Saturday afternoon for suspicion of a DUI after Ishkanian phoned authorities, which sources close to the former Us Weekly reporter say, “…saved Heather’s life.

Tepper later said that Ishkanian also provided authorities with a statement and would testify against Locklear if necessary. He said she sold the photos without disclosing that she was the shooter because of her $55 million lawsuit against US Weekly, which claims the magazine’s employees damaged her career by accusing her of stealing information from company computers.

Federal agents later raided Ishkanian’s home and business, but she has never been arrested or charged. Her lawsuit seeks damages for emotional distress, libel, slander, and conspiracy.

CHP Lt. Dane Lobb said that Ishkanian’s involvement would not change Heather Locklear’s DUI investigation. “We determined (Locklear) was someone who shouldn’t be operating a vehicle,” he said. [Source:AP, Photo:Getty]

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