Meg Ryan An Alien, Claims British Star


Meg Ryan’s ex-husband Dennis Quaid made it clear this week he’s not her greatest fan ever, and now normally mild-mannered British star Michael Parkinson has waded into the fray. The legendary chat show host had a notoriously disastrous interview with Meg in 2003, and in his new autobiography firmly lays the blame at her moody-ass door.

“She was uncooperative from the start. One reviewer said she “glided from slight frostiness to naked hostility via snooty disdain,” he writes. “There comes a point in an interview where it serves no purpose to continue. The only question left is: ‘Why did you bother turning up and then not trying?’ She seemed as if she had been beamed into the show from another universe.”

Have a look at one of the infamous clips below (and another one here) and see what you think. For the record, Meg blames Parky for her dismal reputation in the UK, saying “His chat show has a lot to answer for, the UK public loathe me thanks to him.”

Yeah. It’s all his fault, Meg. You tried, you really did!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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