Scandalist’s Debate Party: The Best Of The VP Battle


We spent the night curled up on our couch with a cup of tea and a plate full of pork n’ earmarks (cue rim shot!) enjoying the Vice Presidential debate so we could bring you the best moments of the sass-battle between Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin. We’ve listed our favorite moments of the night – did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Best patriotic piece of flair: Palin’s giant sparkly flag pin. She’s proud to be an American who buys jewelry on QVC.
  • Most adorable interaction: Governor Palin asking Senator Biden, “Hey, can I call you Joe?” Aw shucks, she sure is doggone precious.
  • Best “totally written by a speech writer” dig: Biden tagging McCain’s health care plan “the ultimate bridge to nowhere.” The audience liked it, and they’re not supposed to react to anything!
  • Best off the cuff sassy remark: Gwen Ifill scolding both candidates for not answering her question about what they’d do as Vice President.
  • Best “oh no you didn’t just go there” moment: Sarah Palin correcting Joe Biden on the drill chant: “It’s drill, baby, drill.” Don’t mess with her oil!
  • Most awkward moment: Did Sarah Palin just call the Sentator “Joe O’Biden?” Oh, and Joe Biden let out a sigh heard around the world when Palin congratulated their mutual love of Israel. It’s a tie.
  • Best hairdo: While Palin’s half-up do is Alaska-dorable and her new highlights are admittedly fierce, Biden is rocking what we now call a “backwards Trump.” It’s a comb over gone way wrong, but for some reason it feels so right.
  • Best evil eye: Sarah Palin, when pressed by Gwen Ifill on what she and John McCain wouldn’t be able to pursue in office due to the bailout. She smiled, but her eyes were fiery!
  • Best dressed: We heart Joe Biden’s baby blue tie, but Palin’s gray suit is both Gossip Girl cute and grown up lady proper. She’s a federal fashionista.
  • Best new phrase we can’t wait to use: “The Castro Brothers.” It’s Cuba’s answer to the Jonas Brothers, ya’ll.
  • Best TRL moment of the night: Third graders in Alaska get a shout out from Governor Palin. What about us, Sarah?! We need extra credit too!
  • Best chick flick moment that was better than Beaches: Joe Biden getting choked up about his family. Get out the tissues and the Haagan Das!
  • Winner of the night: Trig Palin, the cutest campaigner out there. He made his way right into his mom’s arms once she was finished mavericking, so she could go to town burping him. It was too cute for politics, which is why the little wins, hands down. Screw the candidates – we like the kids best.

[Photo: GettyImages]

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