AD WIZARDS: Dan Aykroyd and the Vodka of the Crystal Skull


Do you ever find yourself wondering, “Heeeyyy, I wonder whatever happened to Dan Aykroyd?” Well I’ll tell you what happened: he’s apparently spent the last twenty years or so holed up with a bunch of conspiracy theorists, guzzling vodka out of human-skull shaped crystal bottles, and blowing his Ghostbusters royalties checks on his dogged pursuit of proving that the plot to last summer’s ridiculous Indiana Jones sequel is actually true. It appears that he plans to accomplish this through his new line of hand-crafted vodka that comes in said skull-shaped bottles. I have no idea. The man has clearly lost his sh*t. This is basically like watching some lunatic ranting about Roswell while walking naked through the streets, except with higher production value and, you know, clothes. There’s a whole series of these inexplicable videos over at Crystal Head Vodka HQ – I dare you to try understanding what the hell is going on here.

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