Peaches And Scream


Another day, another story in the UK about pointless celebrity Peaches Geldof‘s appalling behaviour. This time, the dubiously-talented daughter of Sir Bob Geldof stormed off at a personal appearance in Ireland, after deeming to turn up an hour late and stay for a whole minute. Poor Peaches, you can see why it was tough on her, no?

But those who have despaired at just how this irritating teen has managed to shrug off a litany of reported stroppy rudeness, a video scandal showing her buying some very dubious products indeed, and how she has managed to parlay being a Rock Daughter into a lucrative DJing “career” may want to keep their eyes peeled for Peaches’ new TV venture.

An upcoming documentary on MTV UK following Peaches’ latest venture in editing a vanity project magazine called Disappear Here, shows her as a “monster” according to the woman in charge. Heather Jones, MTV’s UK managing director for content and creativity, said that no amount of editing could portray the 19 year old positively.

“Bob founded Ten Alps (the production company) so he had a final say in the content. But she’s a monster! Everything that comes out of her mouth is horrendous, and that will still show through.”

Goodness gracious. When the suits are saying this, it’s something else. We can’t wait to watch it on October 19 and verify said monstrousness. [Mr Paparazzi; Photo: Getty Images]

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