Dita Von Teese: Single, Allowing Men To “Bring Her Pleasure”


Dita Von Teese, who celebrated her birthday on Saturday during Paris fashion week, recently reflected on her love life with The Observer. According to Von Teese, she’s “single for the first time,” and “allowing men to bring me a lot of pleasure.” What does that mean, exactly? At the same time? “None of [my idols], I realized, had just one important relationship. They all had many great loves, and that made me more accepting of my relationship defeats and failures.”

Failures like ex-husband Marilyn Manson, for instance, that can drive her to brief flirtations with lesbianism. “I wish I knew what men wanted. They seem to love an independent woman until they lose control of her. I went through a short period of having relationships with women, but it was more about my retaliation against a boyfriend whose attention I couldn’t keep. It was complicated. I realized I wasn’t cut out for it.”

So what exactly is she looking for? “All my friends were in love with Johnny Depp, and I never got it until I met him, and realized he was the most fascinating man on the face of the planet. Sure, he’s dashing, but he, and George Clooney, too, both have that old-fashioned glamor of a man like Rudolph Valentino.” If Dita Von Teese can’t find a dashing, fascinating man with old-fashioned glamor who will love an independent woman for life, it’s unlikely anyone could.

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