Katy Perry Hates The Hills, Loves Her Thugs


Girl-kissing, hot-pant wearing singer Katy Perry is Blender‘s covergirl for the month of November, and, unsurprisingly, Ms. Perry dished the dirt. The former born-again told the magazine all about her relationship with Gym Class Heroes‘ singer Travis McCoy, what she thinks of The Hills, and her connection to Jimi Hendrix. Check out a few of her choice quotes…

While she may like kissing girls, there’s definitely one particular bunch she’s not too interested in…the girls of The Hills. Of the differences between Ms. Perry, LC and Heidi, she has this to say: “Those ladies are a totally different breed. A cheeseburger’s fine if you’re just looking for something quick to fill you up, but there’s no substitute for the filet!”

Though Perry’s parents are staunch born-agains now, turns out Katy isn’t the only hellraiser in the family. Her mother fled a life of privilege to see the world, running into Jimi Hendrix and dating him for a while. “He just came up to her in a club and picked her out.”

Boyfriend Travis McCoy of the Gym Class Heroes — who gave Perry a promise ring this summer — wasn’t always so eager to commit. In fact, Perry had to give him an ultimatum. “He’s thug-nificent. I can’t believe I got a thug to commit! We weren’t really together, it was casual. But soulless hooking up didn’t seem so hot to me. I always wanted to have a romance. I said ‘Excuse me, I’ve been coming to a number of your shows in the greater Los Angeles area for quite some time now. I’ve been your Penny Lane long enough, and now I want to be your Grace Kelly.'”

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