Ivana Trump Accuses Sarah Palin Of Driving Two Hours To Meet Her


Troopergate. The Alaskan Independence Party. 12-hour flights with leaking amniotic sacs. Flute solos. Such so-called controversies involving VP nominee Sarah Palin seem all too trivial when compared to the bombshell found in the upcoming issue of Page Six Magazine. If the mainstream media still has any self-respect, they’ll force Palin to say whether she truly saw Alaska as so devoid of any “glamor or culture” that she would drive two hours to pal around with Ivana Trump at the start of her political career. A hockey mom…seeking “culture?” From Ivana Trump? Scary, but true.

In September, Politico discovered an Anchorage Daily News article from 1996 about a “commercial fisherman” from Wasilla, Alaska—Sarah Palin—who drove two hours to see Ivana Trump at JC Penney. Said Palin, “We want to see Ivana, because we are so desperate in Alaska for any semblance of glamor and culture.” Now Page Six Magazine has received confirmation of these allegiations from Ivana herself.

She stood in line to get the perfume and a signed copy of my book. So we chatted and bonded. We have a lot in common. She’s down to earth; I’m down to earth. In business, I use the skills I picked up as a ski champion rather than shooting moose, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

Page Six Magazine claims that the meeting occurred eight years ago, while the ADN article is dated 1996. Is it an error, or did the women meet twice? Trump also says she offered to hold a fundraiser for Palin (“I think she’s fabulous”), but that the Alaskan governor turned her down. Sounds like someone is backing away from their shady, “culture”-hungry past. What was it Palin said about Barack Obama and Bill Ayers today?

It’s relevant to connect that association he has with Ayers, not so much he as a person Ayers, but the whole situation and the truthfulness and the judgment there that you must question if again he’s not being forthright in all of his answers. It makes you wonder about the forthrightness, the truthfulness of the plans he’s telling Americans with regards to the economic recovery.

It’s time for Sarah Palin to take her own incoherent advice and reveal whether this “hockey mom” really represents the “joe six-packs” of America, or if she’s just another cosmopolitan glamor junkie. We, the people, deserve the truth.

[Photo: Getty Images/AFP]

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