Does Michelle Obama Love Barack Because Of Dick Van Dyke?


Michelle Obama, appearing on The Daily Show last night, told John Stewart she gets nervous watching the presidential debates. “I’m fine with people calling me and saying he did a good job. And it’s like, ‘Good, I got to watch Dick Van Dyke.'” This isn’t the first time the Obamas big-upped the classic 50’s sitcom—Barack said it was her favorite sitcom in a Q&A with Entertainment Weekly in August. Most of the reaction was “what, haven’t they watched anything since M*A*S*H?” But if you contrast and compare the Democratic nominee and his wife with a certain tall comedian and his TV wife, you can see their fondness might be based on more than just slapstick and wit. Does Michelle have a thing for nerdy dudes in suits?

When you compare fan videos of the Obamas…

…and the Petries…

you have to wonder which came first for Michelle: the love for goofy, gangly Barack Obama…

…or the love for goofy, gangly Dick Van Dyke?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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