PROJECT RUNWAY: Just How Similar Was Kenley’s Dress to Alexander McQueen’s?


TGUNZLEANNE.jpgProject Runway is winding down to Bryant Park Fashion Week, and last night, Part 1 of the two hour finale did not disappoint. Last week, we learned that the four remaining designers — Leanne, Korto, Jerell and Kenley — would be sent home to create their Fashion Week Collections. The catch was this: One of them would be eliminated before actually showing their two-month-long labor of love. The designers would not be judged by their final collections, but rather a wedding gown they were each asked to make.

And so we found ourselves at Part I of the finale, first tagging along with the ever-so-lovable Tim “Angelface” Gunn to the hometowns of each designers. We met Jerell’s beautiful family in L.A., were treated to a bicycle built for Tim and Leanne, sat amazed as Korto showcased her drumming talents, and learned that Kenley’s style is influenced by her recently deceased Grandmother.

KENLEY MCQUEEN.jpg30 minutes later, we were on the runway, where each designer showcased their bridal gown, as well as a “surprise challenge” complimentary bridesmaids dress.

After the jump, let us take a look at each designer’s dress — and also compare Kenley’s creation to that of Alexander McQueen’s.

Leanne’s dress was inspired. Elegant, gorgeous, and as my mother put it “It’s the kind of dress you could only wear to a wedding at The Plaza. You can’t walk into a Ramada Inn in something like that.” She’s gotta point there!

Jerell DRESS.jpg
Jerell’s dress was… basically insane. Though I could see it working for a bride who has one leg that’s shorter than the other, who is also pregnant but keeping her littler bastard a secret. It’s the dress she was born to wear. But really, did Jerell not learn anything from the Michael Knight purple rabbit ear dress disaster? You gotte tuck dem ears in! In da teyents!

kortol DRESS.jpg
Korto’s dress was another hot fabric mess. This almost looks like the outfit Chevy Chase wore in National Lampoon’s European Vacation after all their luggage got stolen. Why, this model almost looks like she could bear children! i.e. Korto’s Wedding Gown = FAIL.

And finally Kenley. Sigh. Kenley. What can a girl really say about Kenley? At first, I thought I liked the girl. And then, slowly but surely, using her nasal jackhammer voice and endless supply of waterworks and shoulderpoufs and disgusting attitude, she made me hate her.

Then, she goes ahead and busts out with an insanely amazing wedding gown made of feathers and tulle and dreams. I’m not gonna lie — I love that dress. Would I say yes to it, a la my favorite TLC reality show? Not per se… but for runway purposes, it was fabulous.

Until celebrity judge Michael Kors pointed out that it was almost identical to a dress created by legendary designer Alexander McQueen. Kenley didn’t seem surprised by this accusation. She appeared to know exactly which dress Kors was talking about. Which led me to wonder… just how similar ARE their dresses.

The answer? They are exactly. the. same.


McQueen’s is on the left, Kenley’s on the right.
Sure, there are slight differences, and I’ll give Kenley credit: It was beautifully crafted, and is a great dress. But isn’t this straight up plagiarism? HOW CAN THE PRODUCERS CONTINUE TO LET HER GET AWAY WITH THING? IS IT BECAUSE HER FATHER WAS A TUGBOAT CAPTAIN? IT’S THE TUGBOAT CAPTAIN THING, ISN’T IT?


I give up.

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