Lil’ Kim Sued For $2.5 Million, Legally Unable To Rap


Ok, she’s really not being allowed to record anything—but for all intents and purposes, we probably won’t be hearing Lil’ Kim bust any bars until she wiggles her way out of this mess. The popular production duo Trackmasters is suing Kim after she refused to live up to their contract, allegedly due to their refusal to let her work with Akon (“Blame It On Me” is right, dude).

Trackmasters—also known as Poke & Tone—claim they paid off $200,000 of Lil’ Kim’s debts and spent over $2 million moving their company to Jersey for her. The pair are looking for complete restitution and a court order restricting any Brookland employees from working with Kim on any music. Ever! If Kim fails to beat (or settle) the suit, she better hope the Pussycat Dolls come up with a new reality show to judge fast.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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