Stocks Crash, But Sex Skyrockets!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you know that the economy’s in the can. Entering into the greatest fiscal depression since the ’30s can be tough, but some inventive (and horny) folks are reaching out for some, uh, sexual healing after getting canned and losing tons. As the fine folks at Gawker pointed out, there appears to be a new phenomenon on Craiglist — individuals seeking out recession sex for financial gain or creature comfort. Since last week though, the ads posted to the classifieds site have increased in both frequency and aggressiveness. Check out a few of the industrious folks looking for both kinds of booty.

Lets Go out and have fun!!

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Date: 2008-10-02, 2:47PM EDT

economy sucks lets go have fun and stimulate the economy the only way we can!! drink and dance all night long!!
about me:
I am tall 6’4 200lb, great shape workout as much as i can, i have all my hair:), brown, with brown eyes, I have my own business and my own apt., work hard so i can work less when im older. love to travel wine and dine, kick back with a drink and enjoy the beach and the people in my life(which would be you)
I expect you to be fun fun fun, hot hot hot, have somthing your passionate about and goal oriented.
Please send pictures since you have seen me and I will respond with more when we chat.

Barolo, Bailout and Englishman – 37 (Midtown West)

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Date: 2008-10-03, 2:37PM EDT

After a week that makes Dante’s Inferno look like a pretty fun vacation spot, with the country going mad in $700bn bailouts and views of Russia constituting foreign policy experience, it can get pretty depressing. Especially for a Brit.

Usually Fridays are fish and chip nights back home. Dont ask me why. They just are. But I want to forget about the crazy world, thank my lucky stars I’m alive and have a fun night with someone over a nice bottle of Barolo (very good Italian Red wine incase you think I like hanging out with some kind of animal). Not all Brits are that perverse.. well…

About me – yes there’s lots about me. Most of it good. Have nice life in city, work in finance for my multiple sins and sponsor the odd Donkey and Monkey sancturary for my not sins. Both true. Anyway, tell me a little, send a picture or just fly a plane with smoke message in the sky and I’ll keep a look out.

Ideally looking to go out tonight before the world ends next week…

Bailout Package (Downtown)

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Date: 2008-10-03, 2:51PM EDT

There’s a weird karma out there these days. Maybe you’re feeling it. If you are, you know there’s nothing like good sex to lift your self-esteem and put you in the right frame of mind to face the day.

You wouldn’t do this with just anyone. But maybe an intelligent, attractive, witty someone? Maybe this is only a click away. Hit me back, and you can judge for yourself.

Anyone else think this is a truffles and champagne kind of day? – 33

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Date: 2008-10-03, 4:59PM EDT

And maybe a cute black dress.
We both need something sweet.
And maybe you can explain the new economic bailout to me.
Do I get money for new jeans?
A free itunes download?
A hug?

share a drink and watch the economy crumble? – 43 (Brooklyn – Manhattan)

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Date: 2008-10-06, 4:25PM EDT

Attractive, fit, relatively undamaged and new to New York seeks sardonically optimistic female with similar qualities for company, engaging conversation, and possibly more.

More creative than linear, neither particularly conservative nor liberal, enjoy music, travel, cooking, and all the best parts you’ve picked before moving on to the deal-breakers in the other guys’ ads.

Take my mind off the markets

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Date: 2008-10-06, 6:38PM EDT

I need a new playmate to take my mind off the souring economy. Please be slim-average weight as I am, and have a brain that you use beyond planning your next meal. This isn’t just about knocking boots, it’s about hanging out and enjoying each other’s company in a safe and drama-free setting. After all, we need something to do in between sessions, right?

Since I’m looking for conversation as well as ongoing, mind-bending sex, meeting in person first to assess chemistry would be ideal. I would also be open to a more serious relationship with the right girl should it evolve into such, but there’s no pressure for us to be anything other than good friends.

Physically, I’m a 5’11”, 165 lb caucasian male with dark brown hair and blue eyes. I’m D/D free and you should be as well. Personality-wise, I’m a fairly laid back individual with varying interests including current events, technology, aviation, history and art.

Serious replies only please. If you aren’t comfortable with this type of thing or with your own sexuality, kindly don’t reply. Also, spammers–I’m NOT interested in your virus-ridden website, webcam or used panties, so just go AWAY. Thanks for reading.

My faltering sex life bailout plan – 38 (Manhattan)

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Date: 2008-10-06, 8:41PM EDT

So I am single and supposed to be “looking”. I’d rather skip to the relationship part instead, but I suppose that would be akin to borrowing equity I don’t have. So in an about face approach I am posting an ad to find relationship stability again and someone I can’t get enough of most of the time. I prefer men taller than 5′ 8 with dark hair and some muscular definition rather than bulk. But, if you are smart, and interesting and mentally stimulating, I may fall in love with you anyway. Or perhaps, maybe we’ll just become friends or collaberate on an idea and become well known or rich together. Well, the short-term plan hasn’t quite yet been determined, but the long-term plan has – cosmopolitan dinners, exotic as well as adventurous vacations, business ventures, marriage, lots of sex, 1.5 kids and a dog.

Mutually Beneficial? – 26 (Manhattan)

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Date: 2008-10-07, 10:58AM EDT

So the rough economy just affected my job…
and while I’m getting by, it’s going to be tough.

I wondered if there is a gentleman out there who would be interested in a mutually beneficial relationship. I’m obviously home a lot, so maybe we can work something out?

I live in Manhattan, swf, bbw, full-figured.
Please don’t be much older than 40.
Send me an email WITH PIC and we can see what we can work out.

Bailout Blues ? – 30

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Date: 2008-10-07, 1:18AM EDT

Hispanic male ISO hispanic female….is anyone out there feeling the crunch like me?

5 ways stay happy during the credit crunch – 31 (Midtown)

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Date: 2008-10-09, 1:30PM EDT

1) Watch Tina Fey. Good God – which ever side of the aisle you tend to sit, it is laugh-out-loud hilarious when Tina(Sarah) talks about waking up to see Russia – in that antiquated Northern/Canadian accent. She nails it. John McCain looks ready for the crypt and Barack has 11 minutes of experience dealing with adult issues – so I’m no fan of either. Keep focused on Tina.

2) Eat ice cream. Today feels like indian summer – 73 degrees, sunny and warm. Find a Cold Stone Creamery, Hershey’s, Breyer’s, Emack & Bolio’s Friendly’s, Dairy Queen, or Stewarts in your area and pay them a visit

3) Grey’s is tonight. After a hiatus for the debate. (I hear females cheering loudly)

4) Check out fall foilage. Columbus Day weekend is upcoming, take a ride upstate or out to Jersey – its peak foilage. F*ck it – gas is cheaper finally.

5) Exchange emails today with a charming, handsome, athletic SWM who has a very good butt and a nice perspective on life. Nice eyes and hands too. Suit and tie by day but prefer cargo shorts, flip-flops. Here’s me. You?

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