Good News! Pete Doherty Is Still On Crack


Wanna see Pete Doherty sleep in a hammock, light a crack pipe and get water dumped on his head by “the help?” Now you can! Petey is back and better than ever in this hilarious new YouTube video. It’s jam-packed with creepy shots of mannequins, kitties, and fire! And of course, that scene everyone is talking about – Pete in a hammock, grabbing for his beloved crack pipe. It’ll make you cringe and cry all at once!

  • Starring Pete Doherty, a cat, and his housekeeper!
  • Directed by Pete Doherty!
  • With a musical score by acclaimed junkie Pete Doherty!

Click here to watch it – Pete doesn’t let us embed his bloody video. Wanker.  [Photo: GettyImages]

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