Matt McConaughey Launches Douchey, Feel-Good Website


Just because we spend a stupid amount of our paychecks to watch celebs in mediocre movies (Fool’s Gold, much?) and read about their ridiculous baby names in tabloids, does not mean we want life advice from these a-holes. Our reason is simple and obvious – while we may not be able to afford our own “workout room” and trainer (or an East Hampton estate, for that matter), we are still smarter and saner than they ever will be. But this did not stop Gwyneth Paltrow from starting her lifestyle site Goop, and now Matthew McConaughey is getting in on the action with his new feel-good, live like me site, J.K. Livin. Yes, it stands for his mantra, “just keep living,” and on it you can share you own thoughts on J.K. Livin’, discuss the bizarre McConaughey-endorsed trend of swapping clothes, buy J.K. Livin’ gear and learn all about the first artist on Matt’s music label, Mishka.

Finally, all those people desperate to dress like Matthew finally can get their hands on some MM-endorsed threads. Our guess is that the only person clicking will be his girlfriend Camila. Prove us wrong!

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