20 Combinations Of Animals Riding Other Animals


After seeing the picture of a lion riding a horse at a Chinese circus, let’s just say, we were inspired. And it’s the internet. Enough said. Enjoy:

1. Rat on Cat on Dog

Cat on Dog

2. Mouse on Toad

Mouse on Toad

3. Bear on Horse

Bear on Horse

4. Kitten on Rabbit

Kitten on Rabbit

5. Bird on Alligator

Bird On Alligator

6. Monkey on Dog

Monkey on Dog

7. Rat on Cat

Mouse on Cat

8. Cat on Horse

Kitten on Horse

9. Kid on Sheep

Kid on Sheep

10. Snake on Dog

Snake on Dog

11. Lion on Horse

Lion on Horse Again

12. Lion on Horse Again

Lion on Horse

13. Frog on Cat

Frog on Cat

14. Dog on Shetland Pony

Dog on Shetland Pony

15. Birds on Hippo

Bird On Hippo

16. Squirrel on A Bunch Of Puppies

Squirrel on Dog

17. Baby on Cat

Baby On Cat

18. Turtle in Dog

Turtle in Dog

19. Cow on Motorcycle

Cow on Motorcycle

20. Giraffe on Elephant

Giraffe on Elephant

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