British Princes Spend Night With Christina And Paris!


Well, almost. It was just a normal weeknight at London’s latest royal hangout, posh club Whiskey Mist, and Princes William and Harry were getting absolutely trashed performing their royal duties by helping stop the credit crunch. Probably. Anyhow, Christina Aguilera was also there with invisible husband Jordan Bratman, and in a snippet which says more about the cult of celebrity versus royalty than anything, Wills decided to introduce himself.

“But in the midst of all the fun, lonely Wills suddenly put down his glass and said: ‘Excuse me, ladies, I’m just going to say hi to Christina.’ We watched him puff out his chest and stride across the packed bar to the corner where the American singer was sitting with her hubby, Jordan Bratman. A red-faced William first had to convince her minder he was the real deal. We heard him whisper: ‘Er, hi. I’m Prince William, I just wanted to say hello.’ After a bit of wrangling, Christina, 27, gave the nod and Wills was in,” reports The Mirror.

Cringe! We are so embarrassed for the poor balding royal having to beg Christina to let him in her inner sanctum. But the night wasn’t over yet – Paris Hilton arrived and in her own inimitable style, waltzed up to the princes, announcing, “Don’t you love the Princes? They are so hot. I just had to say hi.” Another report has Paris doing anything to get the attention of Wills. “She started doing this really stupid dance, basically shaking her ass in front of Prince William,” says the London Paper.

We don’t know about you, but these A-listers at one of London’s most exclusive clubs sound like a bunch of 12-year-olds at a school disco. We just hope Harry’s gf Chelsy Davy (who we’ve got a soft spot for, not sure why) didn’t prostrate herself in front of Paris either. She could eat her for lunch. [Photos: Getty Images, Splash News Online]

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