JUST ASKING: Is Prince William A Douche?


In the spirit of our recent JUST ASKING: Is Michael Phelps a Douche? post, we bring you the following photo evidence of yet another questionable douchie tastemaker: Prince William. While younger brother Prince Harry has been a public dillweed for many years now, older brother William has been pinging our douchedar as of late. The open button-downs, the polo matches, the random girl boob grabs, the “Prince”-iness…

But today, we have even more proof that the future King of England might be the current Prince of Douchedom. Namely?


He was spotted drinking vodka cranberries while simultaneously having an actual conversation with Christina Aguilera.

Worse yet?


He was also spotted chatting with Paris Hilton. On the same evening.

The Mirror explains how Prince William had to ask to speak with Christina, after security guards didn’t recognize him…

I mean, I don’t buy this story for a second… but that photo evidence is just too damning:

In the midst of all the fun, lonely Wills suddenly put down his glass and said: “Excuse me, ladies, I’m just going to say hi to Christina.”

We watched him puff out his chest and stride across the packed bar to the corner where the American inger was sitting with her hubby, Jordan Bratman. A red-faced William first had to convince her minder he was the real deal. We heard him whisper: “Er, hi. I’m Prince William, I just wanted to say hello.”

After a bit of wrangling, Christina, 27, gave the nod and Wills was in. Poor Jordan hardly got a look in as the pair sat very close, swapping numbers and flirting outrageously.

And with that comes the end of the Monarchy of the United Kingdom.

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