9 Man Celebrities Who Are Disappointingly Short


There’s something about the silver screen that makes celebrities seem taller than they actually are, and as a tall woman, I am continually disappointed to find out that these famous, attractive, powerful men I’ve been dreaming of all night are often times significantly shorter than I am. Now, don’t misunderstand me here – I have no problem with a shorter guy in real life. But when I’m looking at an actor, a man who is supposed to be the stuff that a lady’s dreams are made of – I hold him to a higher standard. BOOM! Ahem. Anyway, it’s a real blow to my fantasy life to find out that their forehead is level with my boobs. Now, there are definitely a few on this list that it really would not matter AT ALL…should we “accidentally” run into each other at his “house.” You know what I mean? [eye bulge.]

Robert Downey Jr.: 5’7″83229100.jpg

Javier Bardem: 5’8″
82924583.jpgI have seen some sources claim that Javier is 6’0″.
YEAH RIGHT…look at this picture! He’s only like 2″ taller than
Woody Allen. Who is 5’5″. Sooo…I would say 5’8″ is generous.

Josh Brolin: 5’11”BROLIN CROTCH SHOT1.jpgI have not been able to confirm the Brolin’s height. Michelle claims he is much shorter in person, so I’ll take her word for it. Either way, he’s not the towering pillar of dreamboat I had imagined.

Sisqo: 5’6″80685422a.jpgThere’s a reason he loves the thong so much.

Tom Cruise: 5’7″82917627.jpgDisappointing because you would hope that with her height advantage, Katie could overpower him…but with all that mind control, it may be impossible, and he just makes her look like a giant in public. Free Katie!

Fred Durst: 5’5″83245652.jpgAnd he’s the lead singer from Limp Bizkit? Dang.
He’s looking very Tom Colicchio right now.

Al Pacino: 5’7″82873214.jpgTotally off point, but, these two look MISERABLE in this picture.

Voltaire: 5’3″voltaire2.jpgDAMNIT!

Gael García Bernal: 5’6″82697675.jpgThe hottest man alive…is a gnome! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

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