7 Vegetables That Look Like Other Things


7. The Tomato That Looks Like A Duck


Leave it to England, not only to find a tomato shaped like a rubber ducky, but also to then affix it with the cheapest looking fake duck eyes possible. They couldn’t hot glue two white hole punches? Even when they knew The Daily Mail was coming over?? According to the owner “‘I had to check I wasn’t living next to a nuclear testing site.” Well, it’s pretty clear that he’s definitely not living nextdoor to the Fake Duck Eyes Emporium.

6. The Potato That Looks Like Jesus On The Cross


Many times people see Jesus in things that look nothing like Jesus. But not this here potato. This starchy crucifix looks like it was cranked out of one of those plastic injection mold machines that make little gorillas at the zoo. Only, instead of plastic, the machine used “God’s miracles.”

5. The Squash That Looks Like A Goose


Pretty much what the title implies. This is a squash that looks like a goose.

4. The Zucchini That Looks Like Jemima Puddleduck


Yes, it’s the famous zucchini that looks like Beatrix Potter character Jemima Puddleduck. As someone who never got into the Potter series, I would have just penciled this “courgette” down as a coy ass goose. Thankfully, there are well read people out there — like this lady, the owner.

3. The Tomato That Looks Like a Weeble Wobble


Without the happy face, this tomato would just looked like a bowling pin. But with the happy face? It’s a super-psyched bowling pin. Or weeble wobble, depending.

2. The Green Pepper That Looks Like A Frog


This pepper’s resemblance to a frog cannot be disputed. What can be disputed, however, is the name given to him by its owner: Colonel Beauregard T. Frogpepper. Further? The owners decided it would be a good idea to take a series of grainy photos of Col. Frogpepper just hoppin’ all around the house, sometimes with a friend, usually alone. On second thought… I would have done the exact same thing. In fact, I would have taken Ol’ Frogpepper to the local pond and taken a huge Iron Chef-esque bite out of him, just to scare the sh*t out of all the local frogs. Then again, I’m a psychopath.

1. The Carrot That Looks Like A Man’s Crotch


And at only $1.26, who wouldn’t want to marvel at the Spencer’s Gifts of God’s cruel imagination?

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