Katy Perry Poses With Knife, Crime Victims Fail To See Artistic Merit


Katy Perry was just about winning over the hearts and minds of the British public — we love a faux lesbian, you know — but she’s blown it big time with her latest “edgy” venture. As the hottest crime topic in England for the past year has been the shocking rise in knife murders of teenagers, Katy (well, actually her PR and record company, we’re not blaming her entirely) thought it would be a GREAT IDEA to pose with a flick knife in a shoot for her recent album.

Can we just say “durrrrr”? As parents of murder victims have spoken out to condemn her action, we’d just like to give KP some advice — apologize. If you want to present the MTV VMA awards next week and not end up doing a Sarah Silverman, then I’d get a nice scripted response sorted ASAP. Those Liverpool crowds can be tough. … [Source: The Sun; Photo: gokatyperry.com]

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