Sarah’s Seriously Expensive Clothes


Sarah Palin may be a politically polarizing figure, but her outfits are something all Americans can support. The Alaskan governor rocks cute lady suits, sexy heels, and trendy jackets like nobody’s business, and she puts Hillary Clinton‘s multi-colored pant suit collection to shame. So really, was anyone surprised to discover that her closet of cute threads cost the Republican party a pretty penny or two?

The total cost of dressing Sarah and the Palin clan since September is clocking in at around $150,000, which is $25,000 more than her yearly salary as governor. Some lucky aide even got to go crazy at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York and St. Louis (spending $49,425.74) and the Minneapolis Neiman Marcus store ( where $75,062.63 was spent). Little baby Trig now rolls in a  pimped out $295 stroller, and in September alone, $4,716.49 was spent on hair and make up.

Sarah’s look has been the talk of the campaign trail for months, and it seems silly to revel in her sexy heels one minute and then recoil in horror when it’s discovered that they cost $600. You can’t put lipstick on a pitbull and expect it to cost any less than $35. Smart dogs dig Chanel!  [Politico. Photos: GettyImages, AFP, NHL]

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