George Takei And William Shatner Live Long And Bitch At Each Other


Two years after George Takei and William Shatner laughed it up at the latter’s Comedy Central Roast, the Star Trek vets are having an interplanetary squabble over whether Takei invited Shatner to his recent wedding, which will be declared invalid if California’s Proposition 8 is passed. Shatner kicked off the beef by releasing a surprise interview with his daughter Tuesday, where he chalked Takei’s invite snub up to Mr. Sulu’s “psychosis.”

You think their might have been an epiphany where George would say, ‘Poor Bill Shatner…I wish him well’ but instead makes this big deal about not inviting me to his wedding! What kind of sickness is going on in the man? There must be something inside him that’s festering.

When asked about the hubbub by Entertainment Tonight, Takei denied not inviting Shatner, and claimed that Shatner has avoided every big Star Trek get together, including the funeral of show creator Gene Roddenberry. “His ranting and raving is just silliness. What’s really important to us now is Proposition 8.”

Both video interviews after the jump.

Shatner calls Takei a nutso.

Ahh, but Takei claims that it is Shatner that is the nutso.

As much as we don’t want to take sides when it comes to kooky old actors we’re always happy to see on TV, it seems that Takei has the weight of evidence on his side. Maybe Leonard Nimoy or Nichelle Nichols can give us the 411.

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