The Olsen Twins Are More Boring Than You


Feeling bad about yourself because your Friday night plans include the first season of Gossip Girl on DVD, an order of saag paneer, and that really nice bottle of Trader Joe’s wine that you’ve been saving? Well get ready for your ego to inflate – because your life is officially more interesting than the Olsen twins‘ Hollywood existence! Mary-Kate and Ashley sat down with Oprah Winfrey yesterday to promote their new book, Influence, and all we learned is that they rise early, live apart, and eat bagels and omelettes for breakfast. That’s it. Apparently Oprah thought that the twins were born in 2008, and skipped over all those juicy skeletons they keep crammed in their walk-in closets: Mary-Kate’s eating disorder, her involvement in Heath Ledger‘s death, their many drunk Hollywood nights, and the beds full of $1000 bills that they sleep in at night. Okay, the last one was made up by yours truly, but it wouldn’t surprise us if it was true.

Feel like snoozing? The most boring clip of all can be found here.  [Photo: WireImage]

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