Middle Schoolers Punished For ‘Hit A Jew Day’


With a plot straight out of a South Park episode, sixth graders from a middle school located in the St. Louis area (see map above) are facing punishment after starting a “Hit a Jew Day” at school — a pretty small target in a town like St. Louis. Apparently, the students were participating last week in an innocent-enough “Spirit Week” when their “Hug a Friend Day” quickly became a Semite slap-down under the leadership of some misguided, snarky pre-teens.

While the injuries were minimal (one student was allegedly slapped in the face, others were tapped on the shoulder and taunted) and the punishments quick and fair (suspension and counseling for those who actually laid the smack down, lesser punishments for the taunters) all the kids in the school were called into an assembly led by the principal.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of the story comes when the St. Louis regional director of the Anti-Defamation League says that she believes the economic crisis may be spurring anti-Jewish sentiments. The economic crisis? Those are some seriously fiscally-concerned sixth graders.

We speak for all the Jews when we say, “Thanks ALOT Alan Greenspan!” — Evan G.

[Soure: AP]

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