Russell Brand Will Tell Your Granddad If You Shag Him


He’s made a career out of being an incorrigible man-whore (OK, and funny with it), but Russell Brand is now facing a bad-taste overload after he left obscene messages on an 78-year-old actor’s phone. The VMAs presenter called up legendary Fawlty Towers star Andrew Sachs during his BBC Radio 2 show and left explicit messages on his phone about doing the dirty with his granddaughter Georgina.

“In a minute we’re going to be talking to Andrew Sachs. The elephant in the room is, what Andrew doesn’t know is, I’ve slept with his granddaughter.” Russell said, while fellow presenter Jonathan Ross shouted in the background, “He f**ked your granddaughter.” Not knowing when to shut the hell up, Russell left two more message, in one promising he wore a condom and he did her on a swing. Jonathan added that “he did her over the couch.” Nice.

The BBC is now facing censure for allowing the broadcast to be, er, broadcast, Russell’s made a half-assed apology and all 3287 (approx) girls who slept with Russell are now thanking profusely that their granddads aren’t famous ex-sitcom actors. [source: Daily Mail, Photo: Getty Images]

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