The Paris For President Video Is Really Jump The Sharky


I know, it’s so 5-years-ago to say that something has jumped the shark. And I know, it’s so 2-years-ago to say that something is 5-years-ago. But honestly, I don’t know how else to describe this video (well, a few words come to mind, but my asterisk button is broken). This video is the official sign that Paris Hilton, chihuahuas, monokinis, and get-out-the-vote videos have all jumped the shark. When Paris Hilton made her Funny Or Die response to the McCain ad comparing Obama’s celebrity to that of Paris, it was funny, timely, and made me actually think Paris is not a complete moron. But, as happens with so many good jokes, they had to go and get greedy with it.

The song, unsurprisingly, is awful (at one point, Paris tries to hit a high note and it sounds like a robot-elk dying), and the lyrics contain a couple of stabs at Bush (“Look at Bush, it can’t be that hard”), and some thinly veiled pokes at Palin and McCain. Of course it’s tongue-in-cheek, and it’s not supposed to be good, but it’s not even good in that bad kind of way. I think my intestines made a french-braid out of themselves while I watched this. Click to watch – at your own risk!


My favorite part is how she says she’s the “commander in bikini,” when she’s wearing a monokini.

Short version of the video available here.

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