World’s Fattest Man Becomes World’s Fattest Husband


Manuel Uribe, the 2007 Guinness Book of World Record‘s “fattest man,” tied the knot this weekend in Monterrey, Mexico. The lucky bride is longtime love Claudia Solis, who has been busy helping her man shed some of his 1235 pounds on the Zone diet. According to his mom, Uribe refused to break his diet on his big day, and revealed that, “his doctors are here and they are watching him very closely.”

Uribe has been confined to his bed for six years due to his size, but he still was able to walk down the aisle with the help of a specially made bed positioned on top of a truck that drove him to the ceremony site. The cushy sleep station was decorated in flowing white sheets, flowers, and bows. We know where the happy couple consumated their marriage after the ceremony! And yes – because we know you’re wondering – Uribe’s size does not get in the way of his libido. “We have sex,” he’s said, and his wife even bathes him every day. No word on the size of his you-know-what, but we’re guessing he’s extra large all over. [Photo: AFP]

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