Top 10 Diss Songs In Pop Music


With a raspberry and plenty of nyah nyah nyahs, “So What” has put Pink back where she belongs — on top of the charts. And so what, indeed, to her ex-husband Carey Hart, referred to in unfavorable terms throughout the song. Pink isn’t the only one to turn her pain into artistic profit. As Kid Rock explains in “Half Your Age,” “You thought I was just gonna sit back and take it on the chin / But honey, I’m a songwriter …” Here are ten other tracks that prove revenge is a dish best set to music. — Charles Bottomley

10. “Survivor” (2001)

Slingin’ mud: Destiny’s Child, multi-platinum for Beyonce Knowles and other hirelings.

Smeared! LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson, who were unceremoniously booted from the band in 2000.

Ouch! “You thought I wouldn’t sell without you / Sold nine million.”

See you in court? Oh yes. Luckett and Roberson sued Beyonce and her father manager, claiming the lyrics violated a confidentiality agreement.

9. “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)” (1987)

Slingin’ mud: Aerosmith, poised on a post-rehab comeback with Permanent Vacation.

Smeared! Motley Crue, the L.A. glam yin to the ‘smith’s Beantown yang. Together, these bands have done enough coke to make Bolivia look like the North Pole.

Ouch! “She had the body of a Venus / Lord imagine my surprise.”

See you in court? Steven Tyler confessed the song was inspired by the Crue. Exhibit A: Vince Neil’s habit of saying “dude!” a lot. No truth to the rumor that “Dude (Really Looks Like a Lady)” was about Poison.

8. “Without Me” (2002)

Slingin’ mud: Eminem, looking for new blood after besmirching his wife Kim and Christina Aguilera.

Smeared! Moby, tea-drinking Vegan and ambient guru behind the best-selling Play. Moby admired Em’s music, but didn’t think it excused being “a misogynist, a homophobe, a racist, and an anti-Semite.”

Ouch! “You thirty-six year old bald-headed f*g, blow me / … It’s over, nobody listens to techno.”

See you in court? Good Christian Moby turned the other cheek. Em took his rage out on Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at the 2002 VMAs. Guess he doesn’t like bitches, either.

7. “Stacked Actors” (1999)

Slingin’ mud: Dave Grohl, lead beard in Foo Fighters.

Smeared! Courtney Love, professional loudmouth and widow of Grohl’s old Nirvana bandmate Kurt Cobain.

Ouch! “See through / Yeah, but what do you do? / When you’re just another aging drag queen?” Hey Dave, that surgery cost Courtney a lot of money.

See you in court? Love has enough problems. Hostilities broke out again in 2005 when Courtney Love claimed Grohl withheld Nirvana royalties from her daughter and was “one of the biggest jerks.”

6. “My Favorite Mistake” (1998)

Slingin’ mud: Sheryl Crow, songwriter of easy virtue.

Smeared! Eric Clapton — rock god and serial monogamist whose guitar has excitably wept over George Harrison’s spouse Patti Boyd, numerous supermodels and, uh, Sheryl Crow.

Ouch! “When you go / It’s the perfect ending / To the bad day I was just beginning.”

See you in court? Considering his biggest hit “Layla” was about another man’s wife, it seems old Eric doesn’t have a problem with a little kiss ‘n tell.

5. “Professional Widow” (1996)

Slingin’ mud: Flame-haired songstress Tori Amos, whose relationship with Trent Reznor was ruined by ….

Smeared! Courtney Love, who never met a relationship that she didn’t think required oxycontin.

Ouch! “Starf*cker just like my daddy / Selling his baby just like my daddy.”

See you in court? Tori’s never confirmed publicly the song is about Ms. Love, and Courtney can’t be bothered to keep up with all the people who diss her.

4. “My Bitch” (2006)

Slingin’ mud: The Game, an aspiring rapper from Compton who modeled his incandescent career on …

Smeared! 50 Cent, Game’s mentor in the same way that Eminem shepherded Fiddy to success. Cent thought The Game crossed him when he appeared on a Jim Jones album without his permission.

Ouch! “Let me tell you a story about this bitch I know / Grew up on the south side sucking d*cks for dough.”

See you in court? These things are settled on the streets, son. The Game better have a good Kevlar wardrobe, though. He’s also slammed Suge Knight, Jay-Z, Ja Rule, and half of hip-hop.

3. “Half Your Age” (2008)

Slingin’ mud: Kid Rock, Cheeto-eatin’ Pabst-swillin’ American badass, MP3 hater, flat earther.

Smeared! Pamela Anderson, Rock’s pneumatic sometimes-squeeze from 2001 to 2007.

Ouch! “When I sing this tune it don’t upset her / She’s half your age and twice as hot.”

See you in court? No need! A few months ago the album Rock N Roll Jesus was headed for the discount bins. Then a little song called “All Summer Long” hit … watch this space.

2. “You Oughta Know” (1995)

Slingin’ mud: Alanis Morissette, misunderstood Nickelodeon star -turned-alt.rock thrush.

Smeared! David Coulier, best known as Joey on 1990s sitcom Full House.

Ouch! “Every time I scratch my nails down someone else’s back / I hope you feel it.” We’re serious. Those fingernails hurt.

See you in court? Coulier said he had a moment of clarity after thinking, “Wow, this girl is angry,” “Oh man, I think it’s Alanis,” and “I have really hurt this person.” Apologies were offered, accepted, forgotten.

1. “Cry Me a River” (2002)

Slingin’ mud: Justin Timberlake, somewhere between leaving ‘N Sync and wondering where all the sexy went.

Smeared! Britney Spears, who famously remained a virgin during the couple’s 1999 to 2002 courtship. Their split may have been due to Spears’ getting cozy with a choreographer pal.

Ouch! “Your bridges were burned, and now it’s your turn / To cry me a river.” Trousersnake also gave the dagger another twist with a music video where a Britney-alike is shamed.

See you in court? JT became the white(r ) Michael Jackson. Spears shaved her head and went officially bat-sh*t crazy. With new single “Womanizer,” maybe hostilities can be renewed. Please.

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