While You Were Changing Your Name To Lady Caca


  • Christina Aguilera released a new video for her song “Keeps Gettin’ Better”, and everyone is comparing her to Lady Gaga. I’m sorry, I didn’t see Lady Gaga so much as I saw lady desperate. Oh wait, they’re the same thing.
  • The Jonas Brothers will make their first feature film, which is called Walter The Farting Dog. The brothers are musicians who have to take care of Walter, “a dog with severe flatulence problems.” Ugh. First they ruin music, now they have to ruin potty humor, too??
  • Charles Barkley plans to run for governor of Alabama. His campaign slogan? “Charles Barkley: Take A Gamble On Me. Because I have a gambling problem.”
  • Rick Astley is set to perform at the MTV European Music Awards on November 6. I’m really hoping that everytime they announce a presenter or musical act, he comes out instead. It’s the only thing that might make a music awards show interesting and relevant.
  • If you didn’t see it yesterday on the internets, check out this clip of Amy Sedaris giving a vaginal cleansing instructive on Chelsea Lately.
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