20 Songs That Need To Be In Rock Band Immediately


Rock Band 2Rock Band 2 has been out for a little more than a month now, and Guitar Hero World Tour is upon us too, and yet, while part of me feels like I should have gotten tired of these games long ago, there are simply too many great songs left to play for me to stop shelling out hundreds of dollars to receive different combinations of scrolling, color-coded boxes. Just off the top of my head (two months worth of thinking), here’s a list of 20 songs that need to be included in the Rock Band / Guitar Hero series before I’m too old to scream along to them in a British accent without permanently retarding the development of my eventual children.

20. White Stripes – Seven Nation Army

Still no White Stripes in any of the music games (guess it’s not as glamorous as Bond credits or a Coke commercial), but this song would finally give the bassist something to do outside of Won’t Get Fooled Again, plus you could set the Drumming difficulty to “Infant”.

19. Andrew W.K. – Party Hard

Bonus 50% multiplier if the lead singer bloodies himself mid-song.

18. Neil Young – Rockin’ In The Free World

If Neil Young is truly as into self-reinvention and adapting to the times as his fans claim, why wouldn’t he allow his song to be divided into a series of five colored boxes for drunk people with plastic instruments?

17. Spin Doctors – Two Princes

The day I stop wanting to sing, drum, and play guitar on this song all at once is the day I take my own life. (That’s a joke, right Dan? No it’s not, reader.)

Gin Blossoms16. Rancid – Ruby Soho

I probably enjoy this song more than anyone still should in this crazy, post-1995 world we live in, but whatever. Here it is.

15. Pulp – Common People

It’s 2008 and this song hasn’t stopped being awesome.

14. Gin Blossoms – Hey Jealousy

See previous.

13. U2 – I Will Follow

I just hope when U2 finally does appear in the game, it’s not Vertigo and Elevation playing simultaneously.

199912. Prince – 1999

Finally, a chance to be Prince outside of your masturbation fantasies!

11. No Doubt – Just A Girl

Any chick song not involving 80s-ass leather jackets should be automatic.

10. Led Zeppelin – The Ocean

C’mon, Zep, I know you held out on iTunes because you demand that people only listen to your music in album form (except on the radio for the last 40 years and on your Greatest Hits compilation), but the jig is up.

9. Violent Femmes – Blister In The Sun

Step right up, ten-year-olds who love video games, and sing about jerking off!

8. Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb

It’s long, and the singer gets a nice twelve-minute break at the end, but there can’t not be a Pink Floyd song in frickin’ Rock Band, right? I assume high schools around the country held protests when RB2 came out.

Dookie7. Pavement – Cut Your Hair

Fun for all four musicians, plus a barber! (I couldn’t think of a decent joke to write for this one, so that’s what I went with. Deal with it. I’m tired and jetlagged. And this song needs to be in goddamn Rock Band.)

6. The Beatles – I Saw Her Standing There

The Beatles’ Catalogue stopped being sacred half a decade ago. Me getting to play a McCartney bassline will not damage their legacy any more than stuff like this.

5. Green Day – Basketcase

This falls very much into the “whoa, why the f*ck wasn’t this like, the first song they got in the first game?” no-brainer category.

4. The Smiths – This Charming Man

Immediately following the song, the singer and guitarist won’t speak to one another for the next 20 years and counting.

3. Radiohead – Paranoid Android

They did give us Creep in RB1, but it also might be fun to have a song that Radiohead plays in concert more than once every seventy-five years.

Loverboy2. Harvey Danger – Flagpole Sitta

They had the balls to include a 2005 Harvey Danger song as a downloadable track, and yet continue to ignore the greatest (non-Jackson 5) single ever recorded? I can only think of one oversight that’s more egregious…

1. Loverboy – Working For The Weekend

The fact that this song isn’t in a Rock Band game yet is so many degrees beyond baffling, I don’t even know where to begin. WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU HOLDING OUT FOR, LOVERBOY?? Rock Band has songs by The Clash and The Who and Elvis Costello but f*cking Loverboy is clinging on to their artistic integrity? And if the Rock Band people haven’t approached Loverboy, that’s twice as inexcusable. Unless, after including Fear The Reaper in RB1, the creators just got sick of hearing people ask “Hey, you ever see that one SNL sketch…”

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Chuck Berry – Johnny B. Goode; Black Flag – TV Party; Replacements – I Will Dare; They Might Be Giants – The Sun; Dave Matthews Band – Tripping Billies; Gang Of Four – Damaged Goods; The Sonics – Psycho; The Cure – In Between Days; Flight of the Conchords – Business Time

I’d also love Neutral Milk Hotel – Holland, 1945, but they’re literally about the only band whose music I don’t want to see re-used in anything. Springsteen’s Born To Run would be fun too, but you’d have to follow it up with sixteen encores.

What songs would you like to play in a Rock Band game, people? Leave ‘em in the comments.

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