Accidental Incest Blind Item Commenters Obsess On Usher

| put up a particularly juicy blind item today about a “triple-threat entertainer” who secretly fathered a child out of wedlock. Turns out that child became a “triple-threat entertainer” himself…and started dating his daddy’s daughter through another marriage (ugh). Pops supposedly put a kibosh on the relationship, but not before the kid lost his cherry (double ugh). Scarily, commenters everywhere are overwhelmingly pinning this one on Usher and Ben Vereen, the pop star’s “godfather” and father of Karon Vereen, who dated Usher when they were teenagers.

This isn’t the first time the rumor has surfaced, and evidence against the theory is that Usher looks hella similar to younger brother James, which would suggest they have the same father. We at Scandalist certainly have no frikkin idea whether this is true or not. But for the sake of stomachs everywhere, we hope this is just an urban legend, and not the plot of “Confessions, pt. 3.”

[Photos: WireImage/Time & Life]

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