Tara Reid Calls Cosmetic Surgery Scars “Battle Wounds”


It’s not a great time to be Tara Reid. All she wants to do is have fun on the beach, and all people can do is take photos of her and gasp about the state of her stomach. As she told People, “I’ve been a media target for years now. It does hurt my feelings, but what can I do? I have to move on.” Well, you could wear a one-piece bathing suit, Tara. Seriously. You could.

The pity party doesn’t stop there, though. Reid went on to refer to her abdominal scars, caused by liposuction, as her “battle wounds.” You heard that right, folks—we’ve got a POW running for president and Tara Reid is referring to the outcome of crappy cosmetic surgery as “battle wounds.” We believe Pink said it best: This is your Vietnam, Tara Reid. You’re at war. Life keeps dropping bombs, and you keep score.

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