THE OFFICE: Let’s Put A Smile On That Face


Last night, the inevitable happened on The Office: Holly, the new Dunder Mifflin HR rep, who stole Michael’s heart like so many vultures in Benji, was forced to move hours and hours away from Scranton. We liked Holly, but we’re OK seeing her go (especially if that makes room for Toby’s return.)

The side stories had their ups and downs: Jim heads to New York to dine with Pam and his two (handsome but dbaggy) brothers, who all the while are plotting to prank him. Only, the prank ends up turning into a big Pam put down party and fails. The storyline felt a little forced — especially the acting of Jim’s bros — and we’re not really sure what the point was. Back in Scranton, Dwight turned into a swarthy motherf**ker and decided to screw with Andy by donning all Cornell gear. (Andy eventually gets revenge by coming to work dressed as a beet farmer.)

But rather than recapping what I found to overall be a so-so nothing special episode, let’s relive easily the most hilarious Office opening ever: The Halloween Costume Edition.

Creed’s joker might just be a shade scarier than Heath’s.

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