GENIUS CASTING: Robert Pattinson for Emo Vampire


Unfortunately, because your trusty bloggers are all over the age of 18, we are not that familiar with the teen vampire novel sensation that is Twilight, nor do we know all that much about the blockbuster movie based on the book. What we do know is that actor Robert Pattinson, who you might recognize as Cedric Diggory from the Harry Potter movies, has been cast to play the lead emo vampire, Edward Cullen.

Now, we don’t know much about this guy, but if these photos from a panel discussion at last night’s Apple Store in Soho are any indication, THE MAN WAS BORN TO PLAY AN EMO VAMPIRE:


The invisible skin, the bat-like seating postition, the kinda sorta effeminate hand positioning that reeks of a more decadent time of velvet and candles and blood… it all makes sense.

We can understand what the young girls see in this guy — he’s kind of like a Jordan Catalano for a new generation. But young ladies, be warned: For every hot makeout in the boiler room, you get a 36-year-old man wearing eyeliner and briefs.

After the jump, a quick lesson on “How Not To Pose With A Microphone.”


Yup, that’s pretty much how one should NEVER pose with a microphone.

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