This New Paramore Video Is Seducing Me Into Delirious Obsession With Twilight


Like Michelle, I too have just gotten into all this Twilight madness. Though I haven’t read the books, just by watching this new video by Paramore, which features footage from the movie, I can feel the call of the angst. The angst calls to me through a cold, autumnal forest, beckoning me into a world of unrequited vampire love. The angst whispers in my ears, telling me that Robert Pattinson is 22 years old and perfectly legal. The angst sings to me, through the mouth of an emo-girl I have long loved: Hayley Williams. (I will admit it right here and now: I am *obsessed* with Paramore. Something about emo sung by a girl with red hair makes it okay, right?) Anyway, I am not sure I will be able to withstand these forces of the angst upon me…and I could very well find myself lining up outside a movie theatre on November 21, in full vampire garb.

One more point about Robert Pattinson…do you recall that I mentioned he was playing Salvador Dali? Take a look at a picture of him in the role, after the jump, and I think you’ll see that though he can easily play the emo teen vampire, he can also play an insane grown man with a crazy moustache:


I could easily get over that moustache if push came to shove.

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