Palin Threw Tantrums, Made Staffers Cry, Plans To Torment Liberals Forever


A pretty ugly portrait of Sarah Palin is materializing as behind-the-scenes rumors continue to flood from the McCain camp. Yesterday, we revealed dirty details about her lust for designer duds. Today rumors are flying that she would mull over press clippings each morning, and proceed to throw tantrums of a magnitude that reduced her staff to tears.

Despite her alleged horribleness and proven ignorance on major issues, we may see her again come 2012… this time in the Republican driver’s seat. We have a few hot tips for the presidential hopeful:

  • Take some improvisational speaking courses. Notecards may not go with some your fancy outfits.
  • Join Piper in her geography class sometime. Africa is, in fact, a continent.
  • If ever again questioned about your daily reading habits, keep the name of at least one newspaper on the back burner, Washington Post will do.
  • Drop the “I can see Russia from my house” bit. Or the wrath of Couric will again be unleashed.
  • NAFTA does not stand for Never Arrest Fur Trading Alaskans.
  • Minimize winking.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

See a clip from The O’Reilly Factor after the jump, where Fox News Chief Political Correspondent Carl Cameron spills some insider Palin gossip:

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