While You Were Putting Up A New “Obama” Facebook Status Every Damn Minute


North Carolina

  • It’s two days after the election and Missouri and North Carolina both remain too close to call. Your votes still count and are important, citizens! Just ignore that whole concession speech / victory speech / “President Obama” headlines, etc.
  • A record 71 million Americans watched this years’ Election Results on tv. CBS will quickly attempt to capitalize on this ratings goose with their hastily-thrown-together new series, CSI: Obama Victory Speech.
  • This list of Rejected Bond Themes is really fascinating; more proof that not everyone can live up to the standard of excellence that was Sheryl Crow’s “Tomorrow Never Dies.” (via Gorillamask)
  • AC/DC’s new album Black Ice topped the pop charts for the second straight week. It also dominated the Rocking Rock! charts, the Self-Parody charts, and the I Guess There’s No Band I’d Rather Spend This Money On At The Moment charts.
  • In a surprising development, it turns out people aren’t buying multi-million dollar works of art these days as much as they used to. Can anyone think of an explanation? I’m stumped. People probably just don’t appreciate art anymore.
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