Suge Sues Kanye For 2005 Shooting, Loss Of Earring


Embattled former Death Row owner Suge Knight allegedly started his career by hanging Vanilla Ice out of a hotel window—so it makes sense that the impresario would go back to harrassing rappers today. Knight is belatedly suing Kanye West for the shooting injury he received at West’s pre-VMA bash in August 2005. After all, it was the “Love Lockdown” star’s security that let the unknown assailant through, capping Knight in the leg.

Knight’s other grievances against West include loss of blood, the loss of a diamond earring worth almost $150,000, and having to take a private jet back to Cali (it was so necessary!). He’s also—we shit you not—hitting West up for the “mental anguish” Knight received over “the loss of use and enjoyment of the earring.” Pretty ridiculous, though if anyone would sympathize with the pain of losing diamonds, it’s West.

So why did Knight fail to sue West until now? It couldn’t have anything to do with Knight being under bankruptcy protection, could it? Still, it might be in West’s best interests to settle. Remember when Knight was arrested for beating his girlfriend in Vegas last August? That case is on hold, as the woman, Melissa Isaac, is now missing. Take heed, Yeezy.

[Photos: WireImage/FilmMagic]

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